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Shirley Temple Movies: welcome to our store featuring all of Shirley Temple's movies in vhs and dvd format. Choose from a huge selection of shirley temple movies.

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Shirley Temple Dolls and Fashions: A Collector's Guide to the World's Darling

Shirley Temple remains the best-known child Hollywood movie star of all time and the Shirley Temple Doll (still being manufactured today) continues to be the champion of the doll industry. Since 1934, when the doll was first created, variations of the Shirley doll and associated collectibles have been avidly collected along with hundreds of costumes inspired by Shirley's roles in 57 films between 1931 and 1949. In this book, 350 beautiful color photographs present a nostalgic gallery along with original doll advertising and publicity shots from the movies. The author displays, organizes, and explains all the dolls and known costumes up to the present, and many collectibles related to them.   More ...

Original Shirley Temple Paper Dolls in Full Color

This is such an inexpensive but "hours of fun" gift. I'm going to buy the other paper dolls that are for sale. Hope more will be made!!  More ...
The Shirley Temple Scrapbook

The Shirley Temple Scapebook is not only a great picture book but it gives a good deal of interesting detail about Shirley's life. I love the way Loraine Burdick takes information from several other resources and books about Shirley and combines them to create a broader picture. Thus, leaving you to your own opinion. It is wonderful to look through the scrapebook and relive old memories. I think the book would be appealing to both adoring fans and those with only mild interest. However, how many people can resist Shirley Temple. Enjoy. I highly recommend the book. Carefully divided between Shirley's personal life and her film career, the book's clever design displays the abundance of fabulous photos and text as if it were truly a scrapbook    More ...

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