Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple was a child star of the 1930s and 40s who starred in many movies during her brief but very successful career. [Click here to see a list of Shirley's movies.

Shirley Temple has not appeared in movies for many decades now, but she continues to be a popular entertainer. And although her career began at the dawn of the "talkies", her movies are now, incredibly, available on dvd and even internet download.

The pay per click engine Overture and the web site report that there are approximately 1,000 searches per day for "Shirley Temple" which is proof of Shirley Temple's enduring popularity.

Part of the reason for Shirley Temple's continued popularity was that she was truly talented. She could sing and dance and act far better than anyone her age. After seeing her movies many wondered aloud whether young Shirley Temple was really an adult midget pretending to be a child. It was hard to believe that someone that young could act that well.




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